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2016 Honor's Convocation Held

May 19, 2016

2016 End of the Year Awards, Grades (7-12)

Hemingford Junior – Senior High School

The following is a list of awards given to our students by Faculty Members on May 19, 2016 at our annual Honor’s Convocation:


Cooper Weber - Outstanding Performance in Art, Recognition for Art Show Awards (Best of Show Painting, 1st Photography, 2nd Photography, Hon. Mention Photography)

Jacob Horstman - Outstanding Performance in Art, Recognition for Art Show Awards (2nd Drawing, Hon Mention Children's Book)

Cole Walters - Recognition for Art Show Awards (1st Cut Paper Art)

Kelsey Klaes - Rec  for Art Show (Hon Mention Scratch Art)

Madison Davis - Rec for Art Show (Hon Men Scratch Art)

Lee Jespersen - Outstanding Performance in Art, Rec for Art Show (2nd Place Scratch Art)

Shawn Kvamme - Rec for Art Show (2nd Place Cut Paper)

Macee Bucheit - Rec for Art Show (Hon Men Pastel Mixed Media)

McKenzie Kolle - Rec for Art Show ( 2nd place Water Color)

Tarin Jespersen - Rec for Art Show (2nd Place painting, Hon Mention Cut Paper, Hon Mention Watercolor)

Ana Rodriguez - Recognition for Art in the Classroom

Danika Adam - Recognition for Art in the Classroom


Our school received a $5,000 grant for the second year in a row, and Senior Gavin Kersley earned a $20,000 scholarship to the school of his choice, both through the HR Block Budget Challenge.


Accelerated Reader:

First--Melissa Anglesay (572 points!!),  Second--Kylie Mediola (469 points!)

Box Butte County 2016 Spelling Bee:

Champion:  Dylan Wickham, Runner Up: Kylie Mendiola, Other Spellers: Jacob Clouse, Becca Hanson, Austin Miller, and Danea Hanson.


The following people, please stand and be recognized:

2015-16 Officers: President:  Mikayla Randolph, First vice president:  Madison Glendy, Vice president of programs:  Taylee Neefe, Public relations officer: Cooper Weber, Treasurer:  Emily Hanson, Historian:  Rebecca Hanson, Junior High rep:  Rashell Neefe, 

2016-17 Officers: President:  Taylee Neefe, Vice president:  Madison Glendy, Public relations officer: Emily Hansen, Secretary:  Kelli Horstman, Treasurer:  Rashell Neefe, Historian:  Emily Knote, Junior High rep:  Danae Hanson

STAR National certificates: (Received Silver at National star for Culinary Arts), Cooper Weber and Devan Hansen


Aiden Benda, John Ansley, Carter Buchheit, Gregory Randolph, Rebecca Hansen, Alex Plog, Dylan Wickham, Kobe Coryell, Luke Cullan, Lauren Gasseling, Austin Wobig, and  Mikayla Randolph.


Craig Anglesey-7 meetings—Lincoln trip, Carli Cullan-5 meetings—Summer Intern 2016, Natalie Gasseling-7 meetings—Lincoln trip, Jacob Horstman-6 meetings—Lincoln trip, Kelli Horstman-6 meetings—Lincoln trip—Summer Intern 2016, Taylor Keegan-8 meetings, Faith Rohrbouk-3 meetings, Becca Stone-6 meetings, Liam Swires-2 meetings


the John Philip Sousa Award went to Cody Laursen and the National School Choral Award went to Abigail Bright. Certificates for WTC Honor Choir to Abby Bright and Kelli Horstman. Certificates for WTC Honor Band to Abby Bright, Carli Cullan, Natalie Gasseling, Maddie Glendy, Emily Hansen, Cody Laursen, Jon Mazanec, Joe Mazanec, Mercedes Mazanec, Taylee Neefe, Jason Randolph, and Toby Phillips.

Certificates were also given to those selected for the Doane Oregon Trail Honor Band to Abby Bright, Carli Cullan, Natalie Gasseling, Maddie Glendy, Emily Hansen, Cody Laursen, Taylee Neefe, Jason Randolph, and Toby Phillips.

Certificates of Recognition were given to those who performed a solo or in a small group at District Music Contest Gabe Brown, Jacob Clouse, Kylie Mendiola, Gregory Randolph, Abby Bright, Carli Cullan, Natalie Gasseling, Maddie Glendy, Emily Hansen, Devan Hanson, Cody Laursen, Joe Mazanec, Jon Mazanec, Mercedes Mazanec, and Taylee Neefe.


Honor Roll

In addition to the honor roll every year, Hemingford would like to give special recognition to those students who have maintained an overall cumulative GPA of a 90% or higher for their 4 years or 8 semesters of high school.  This year we have 14 students that have achieved this honor. Cody Laursen, Abigail Bright, Jacob Horstman, Kelsey Klaes, Lee Jespersen, Brittany Thomas, Taeller Ansley, John Manning, Mathew Davis, Cooper Weber, Cole Walters, Taylor Keegan, Matthew Sorensen, and Jon Mazanec.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence

To be eligible for the award, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 90 on a 100-point scale and earn a criteria score in reading and math from the ACT test score.  (minimum of 22 in Reading, Math or Science)

This award reflects your dedication to academic excellence, and I commend students like you for setting a powerful example for life-long learning.

Students Receiving the Award:  Cody Laursen, Abigail Bright, Jacob Horstman, Lee Jespersen, John Manning, Mathew Davis, Taeller Ansley, Cooper Weber, Jon Mazanec, Matthew Sorensen.   

President’s Award for Educational Achievement

The purpose of this award is to recognize students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment to their academic subjects.  This award is given to students work hard and give best efforts for academic growth.

Students receiving this Award:   Kelsey Klaes, Brittany Thomas, Cole Walters, Taylor Keegan, Tanner Benge

Attendance, 2015-2016

Perfect Attendance Awards

Craig Anglesey, Jacob Clouse, Carli Cullan, Kelsey Klaes, Alexis McGowan, Brett Prelle, Gregory Randolph, Faith Rohrbouck, Jori Stewart, Josie Stewart

2015-2016 NeSa  Awards

Recognize – Top Scorer


Perfect Score (received an 8 in each of the 4 areas)

Grade 8 -               Carter Buchheit  ($10 Chamber)

Grade 11-              Mikayla Randolph  (Recognize)


Grade 7 -               Kenny Wyland  56/58  97%  (Recognize)

Grade 8 -               Carter Buchheit - 58/60   97%  (Recognize)

                                Rebecca Hanson -  58/60   97%  (Recognize)

Grade 11               Austin Wobig – 59/60  98%  ($5 Chamber)

NeSA – Reading   

Grade 7  -              Kenny Wyland  41/48  85%  (Recognize)  

Grade 8 -               Gregory Randolph --      49/50   98%  ($5 Chamber)

Grade 11 -             Craig Anglesey --  48/50  96%  (Recognize)  

NeSA – Science

Grade 8 -               Isaiah Bryner  58/60   97% (Recognize)  

Grade 11 –            Austin Wobig 56/60  93% (Recognize)  

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship

The P.E.O. STAR Scholarship was established in 2009 to provide scholarships for exceptional high school senior women to attend an accredited postsecondary educational institution in the United States or Candada in the next academic year.

This year the Abigail Bright was awarded one of the National Scholarships in the amount of $2500.


Junior High Quiz Bowl Awards:  team won the PAC Conference and placed Runner-Up at Banner County.

Senior High Quiz Bowl Awards: Austin Wobig: All-Tourney Team at Bayard Invite, All-Conference Team at Panhandle, Peyton Sutphen: All-Conference Team at Panhandle, Kobe Coryell: All-Tourney Team at Mitchell Invite

Placings at meets:  

Mitchell Invite: V 3rd, JV 7th

Bayard Invite: V 3rd, JV 8th

WTC: V 3rd, no JV

PHC: V 2nd, JV 7th



7th/8th - Dali Del Toro (7), Danea Hanson (7), James Jacobs (7), Rayne Jespersen (7), Sara Knote (7), Jayce Meyring (7), Landrie Nelson (7), Jack Payne (7), Rachel Schekall (7), Brian Turek (7), Katelyn Varner (7), Ellie Winner (7), Kenny Wyland (7), Isaiah Bryner (8), Jacob Clouse (8), Kaylee Connell (8), Tayson Ernesti (8), Gage Franklin (8), Kaitlyn Fritzler (8), Becca Hanson (8), Storm Jespersen (8), Emily Knote (8), Maggie Moss (8), Alex Plog (8), Jace Stumpff (8), Elijah Walters (8), Dylan Wickham (8)

9th/12th -  Kobe Coryell (9), Luke Cullan (9), Lauren Gasseling (9), Ashley Isom (9), Joe Mazanec (9), Mercedes Mazanec (9), Ashley Mutchie (9), Mark Plog (9), Josie Stewart (9), Jacobi Stumpff (9), Baily Irish (10), Carli Cullan (11), Brooke Galles (11), Natalie Gasseling (11), Emily Hansen (11), Shawn Kvamme (11), Taylee Neefe (11), Mikayla Randolph (11), Tanner Benge (12), Jacob Horstman (12), Lee Jespersen (12), Cole Walters (12), Cooper Weber (12)


The Western Trails Conference strives for outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities as well as academic excellence.   Each year the Western Trails Conference recognizes this academic excellence with two awards; the Scholar Athlete Award as well as the Western Trails Conference Scholarship.  The requirements of becoming a scholar-athlete are to letter in two sports for 3 years as well as have an “A” average in each conference schools GPA. This year, Hemingford is pleased to announce seven Scholar-Athletes:  Cody Laursen, Jacob Horstman, Lee Jespersen, Natalie Gasseling, Faith Rohrbouck, Emily Hansen, and Kaitlyn Kumpf

Along with the scholar athlete award, the Western Trails Conference also awards scholarships to students who have been active in Western Trails Conference.  Students must apply for the scholarship.  Minimum requirements state the student must have an “A” average throughout high school career.  Must be active in WTC activities every year of high school and be active in at least two activities during senior year.  Must be in good standing both academically and socially at school and be continuing education at the post-secondary level.

The HHS scholarship winners are: Jacob Horstman and Cody Laursen

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