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Friday, September 30th - VFB @ Sutherland (6PM - MT)

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Monday, September 26th - JV & V VB @ Bayard Triangular -(Two Gyms) 5PM /// Thursday, September 29th - CC @ Bayard Invite - 2:30 PM

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    Scottsbluff Panhandle Classic Meet Results 2016

    The CC runners competed in the Panhandle Classic Meet on Tuesday, September 20.  Jacob Clouse received a medal for his 20th place finish with a time of 19:35.  In Junior High, Kenny Wyland placed 12th with a time of 12:15 and John Ansley placed 13th with a time of 12:18.  Destiny Hanson finished 16th with a time of 14:03.

    We are pleased with the runners as they are working hard and cutting their times at each meet.  WTC is in two weeks and Districts in three weeks, so we need to continue to cut times to be competitive.







    Jr. High Girls

    Destiny Hanson                16th            14:03

    Kamryn Ash                      48th            18:24

    Jr. High Boys

    Kenny Wyland                  12th            12:15

    John Ansley                      13th            12:18

    Zachary Rozmiarek           19th            12:41

    Michael Cornish                34th            13:34

    Alex Neefe                        64th            16:00


    Girls Varsity

    Brooke Galles                    48th            29:29


    Boys Varsity

    Jacob Clouse                    20th            19:35

    Austin Wobig                    46th             21:32

    Jacob Hollinrake               47th            21:33

    Jaydon Walker                  53rd            21:47

    Luke Cullan                       54th            21:47

    Kobe Coryell                     56th            21:57

    Hadley Elder                     57th            22:10

    Xavier Picket Pin              62nd            23:04

    Casey Lashley                 74th             24:32

    Hunter Ernesti                 77th              24:41

    Joe Mazanec                   78th              24:47

    Tayson Ernesti                86th              26:05

    Isaiah Bryner                  93rd              29:17



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    Gordon-Rushville Cross Country Results 2016

    Jacob Clouse medaled in the Gordon-Rushville meet in the Boys Varsity Division on Thursday, September 22. He was 9th with a time of 19:09.  Most all of the runners were able to cut their times, which is great as we are nearing our WTC and District meets.  In the Jr. High Division, John Anlsey came in 7th, medaling with a time of 9:54, followed closely by Zach Rozmirarek at 8th with a time of 9:55.

    Our next meet will be on Thursday, September 29, in Bayard at the Chimney Rock Golf Course.  The Jr. High race will begin at 2:30 p.m. followed by the Girls Race at 3:00 p.m. and the Boys race at 3:30 p.m.  Once again this week there are only three races so all the boys will run in the Boys Varsity race.



    Jr. High Girls

    Destiny Hanson                 12th            11:12

    Jr. High Boys    

    John Ansley                        7th            9:54

    Zach Rozmiarek                 8th            9:55

    Michael Cornish                 21st          10:54


    Girls Varsity

    Brooke Galles                    28th            28:27






    Boys Varsity Race

    Jacob Clouse                    9th            19:09

    Austin Wobig                    27th           20:39

    Jacob Hollinrake              31st            20:51

    Jaydon Walker                32nd            20:57

    Luke Cullan                     35th             21:11

    Hadley Elder                    38th            21:16

    Kobe Coryell                    41st            21:24

    Xavier Picket Pin             51st            22:29

    Joe Mazanec                   54th            22:40

    Casey Lashley                57th            23:07

    Tayson Ernesti                61st            23:38

    Isaiah Bryner                   71st            24:56

    Peyton  Stuphen             85th            33:45


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  • 2016 High School Volleyball Schedule

    Lady Cats - High School and Junior High

    Please Click on the link below to find the complete High School and Junior High School Volleyball Schedule for 2016














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  • 2016 HHS Football Schedule and Results

    Junior and Senior High

    2016 Football Schedules and Results for Hemingford Junior and Senior High Teams can be found by clicking on the link below.










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