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46377e209fe68 The HHS Class of 1971 (Click on Thumbnail to enlarge)
The HHS Class of 1971 (Click on Thumbnail to enlarge)

Class of 1971

Updated May 24, 2011

By Heule, Richard

April 29, 2007

19Hemingford High School 71

Student and Faculty Highlights of the Year 

This page features athletic records, officers, themes, important numbers, important happenings, and other educational information from the year in question. It provides a quick and ready resource for Bobcat Grads and families!

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\014.JPGStudent Council Highlights- This year, the Student Council cleaned up area farms to raise money for the memorial for Joe Lliteras, sought out a location for a student center, and presented a convocational in the honor of four teachers.

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\013.JPG

Student Council Members- President- Mike Brost, VP- Karen Prochazka, Secretary- Vicki Hansen, Treasurer- Chuck Messersmith

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\007.JPG

National Honor Society Members- President- Chuck Messersmith, VP- Mike Brost, Secretary- Deborah Wyland, Treasurer- Gary Powell, Sponsor- Lyle Fodnes



Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\011.JPG


Music Department- This year, the local elementary and high school music programs were led by Mr. Arnold Quinonez. The local band/choir participated in several local parades, two public concerts, a clinic, and the Panhandle “C” contest.

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\017.JPG


Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\018.JPG




Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\015.JPG

Drama and One Acts- This year, the Dramatics Club presented three plays throughout the school year: Winnie the Pooh, based on a poem by A.A. Milne, Murdered Alive, a murder mystery, and The Lottery, a one act play that brought home a superior from the speech contest.




Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\019.JPG

Football- Coached by Larry Sweet, the football team had a record of 4 wins, 3 ties, and 2 losses this year. The ties came against Rushville and Crawford, with three wins to end the season against Morrill, St. Pat’s, and Harrison! Players included Dave Engel, Bill Smith, Ted White, Delten Myers, and Rod Planansky. The Cats defeated Southern Panhandle Champion Morrill for their biggest win.



Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\031.JPG

Volleyball – Glen Kotschwar coaches the  Lady Cats, who finished in third place at the Crawford JC’s Tourney. The Varsity had a 10-5 record with wins over Hay Springs, Assumption, Oshkosh, Crawford, St. Agnes, Harrison , and Hyannis.





Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\024.JPG

Boys Basketball- Coached by Larry DeWees, the boys’ basketball team had a record of 4 wins and 9 losses this year.







Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\026.JPG

Wrestling- Coached by Glen Kotschwar and assistant Larry Schnell, the varsity wrestling team had a 6-7 record this year. Tim Brost, Mike Brost, John Garcia, David Engel, and David Swanson went to the state meet this year.





Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\035.JPGBoys’ Track and Field- Coached by Larry Sweet, the boys track team had fourteen participants this year. Delton Myers and Mike Brost received the most points for the year.





Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\033.JPG

Girls Track and Field – For the first time in state history, there was an NSAA State Track Meet!  Kathy Prochazka was the first female track qualifier in Spud or Bobcat history, tieing for second place at districts in the 50 yard dash! Prochazka set the high jump record as well, leaping 4’6”, while team mate Carol Zajic was the new record holder at Hemingford in the 440.

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\025.JPG

Golf-Coached in George Osbourne, the golf team went to state and placed tenth out of 23 schools.

Clubs and Activities- FHA- Twenty-six young ladies were involved with FHA this year. President- Vicki Hansen, VP- Barb Gausman, Secretary- Cheri Hansen, Treasurer- Karan Danbom. FFA- Seventeen young men were involved with FFA this year. President- Kent Frost, VP- Tony Gonzales, Secretary- Bruce Jensen, Treasurer- Dann Reynolds






Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\001.JPG

Homecoming Royalty- King- Chuck Messersmith, Queen- Vicki Hansen, Attendants- Mike Brost, Terry Dufek, Kathy Prochazka, and Bill Smith.

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\042.JPGProm Royalty- King- Tony Gonzales, Queen- Kathy Prochazka, Attendants- Lenni Walters, Donnie Jespersen, Jody Benda, David Engel, Deb Lucas, and Buddy Roes.

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\043.JPG

Prom Theme- Hawaii, Island of Love



Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\010.JPG

Senior Class Song- “A Time to Dream”





Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\040.JPG

Senior Class Officers- President- Gary Powell, VP- John Garcia, Secretary- Jann Moeller, Treasurer- Kathy Prochazka



Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\037.JPG

Junior Class Officers- President- Ted White, VP- Cheri Hansen, Secretary- Chris Planansky, Treasurer- Pat Delsing

Sophomore Class Officers- President- Geneice Kiester, VP- Randy Vogel, Secretary- Sandie Smith, Treasurer- Jody Benda

Freshmen Class Officers- President-Pat Brost, VP- Roberta Lliteras, Secretary/Treasurer- Carol Danbom 

Senior Class Enrollment- 30

Kindergarten Class Enrollment- 18

Superintendent- Don Hanks 

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\002.JPG

Principal – Lyle Fodnes – secondary, Mrs. Evelyn Fendrich - elementary

Elementary Teachers –Kindergarten – Mrs. Rosemarie Jacobson; First Grade – Mrs. Jaci Stolldorf; Second Grade – Mrs. Agnes Bruns; Third Grade – Mrs. Eliane Laeger; Fourth Grade – Mrs. Lena Hebbert; Fifth Grade – Mrs. LaVerne Fentress; Sixth Grade – Mrs. Guyla Thomas; Special Education – Mrs. Mardra Horse

Secondary Teachers – Mr. Larry Sweet, Mr. Gordon Stibley, Glen Kotschwar, Mrs. Josephine Johnson, Mrs. Beverly Hanks, Mrs. Janet Pickering, Mrs. Adelyn Headden, Mr. William Stolldorf, Mr. Larry DeWees

Other Staff Members – Mr. Bernard Caha, Mrs. Rebecca Yellow Hair, Mrs. Leona Wilkins, Harold Schmitt, Mrs. Norma Wood, Mrs. Carolyn Rexus, Mrs. Jeannie Schmitt, Mrs. Devona Price, Mrs. Marjorie Stull, Mrs. June Hucke

Description: C:\Users\cningen\Pictures\Class of 1971\038.JPG


Class of 1971

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